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We are always striving for the best quality, quality that makes a difference, to offer a competitive product to the market. Fazenda Canta Galo uses its best efforts to add the highest characteristics to its coffees, which can be evidenced by the certificates it obtained, which certifies its sustainable cultivation, respecting social and environmental conditions.

Since the beginning of the project, back in 1968, Fazenda Canta Galo opted to plant Arabica coffees. Click here for our history and background.


Fazenda Canta Galo is well known for its production of natural coffees, and was a finalist in the three first editions of Brazil Late Harvest Competitions, promoted by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association - BSCA.

Natural coffees are those that are dried slowly under the sun, using a process that allows the migration of sugars from pulp to bean, resulting in a cup with more body, which is specially indicated as a base for espresso blends, since it adds body and sweetness to the cup.


Typically, Gourmet coffees are prepared with beans of the Coffea arábica type.

These coffees are unique, almost free from defects and their physical and sensory attributes result in a superior quality cup.


Traditional coffees of the region, certified and winner of awards in several quality competitions.

Offers pulped, mucilage removed, or natural coffees, according to clients’ needs.

Management and production systems that respect workers and the environment.

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